Hey Guys!

After all the time, effort, and heart I poured into launching this website it makes me sad that I’ve neglected it for so long. :( As a lazy, busy, and overwhelmed 18 year old, I’ve let this project take the backseat in my life for quite some time.

MindofMatter is still an initiative that I am so passionate about and that I want to continue building on. I am determined to continue on with what I’ve started and keep advocating for mental health by sharing my stories.

On another note, my future blog posts may be a little shorter and less edited because I am trying to stray away from my extreme perfectionism.

Having been a big perfectionist all my life, I’m realizing how this trait is getting in the way of my productivity. 

I’m challenging myself to not worry so much about editing every minute detail of my writing, and to instead allow myself to write in a way that is more natural to me. 

I also believe this will be more beneficial to you, the reader, because the less edited versions of my writing are likely to be more organic and personable. 

Moving forward, I really hope you will continue to check up on this website and my blog posts. I will keep on sharing my experiences with various mental health issues, and other life challenges/experiences that are closely related to mental health.

Thank you all for your love and support:)