Self Doubt

Ever since I was in grade 5 I have suffered from anxiety, it started out with a major panic attack on a trip which resulted in many tears and many hours awake. After being diagnosed with anxiety, a counsellor came into my life. She was truly such an amazing person and is still someone I look back on to this day. After fighting anxiety until the end of the eighth grade, news of my parents divorce hit me and sent me into a whirlwind of emotions. From that point until mid grade eleven I suffered with anxiety and depression, panic attacks, missed opportunities, ruined relationships, and self hate. I started cutting to try and rid myself of emotional pain which transformed into my feelings of suicide. If I had not text my mom in those certain times to come up to my room and rescue me from myself I probably wouldn’t be here today. If I hadn’t gone to counselling until I ran out of things to talk about 5 years later, I wouldn’t know how to deal with situations when they come my way. Accepting who I am and loving myself for all the things I am took a lot of time. I used to think I wasn’t needed in this world and everyone’s world will spin without me. With the help of Zoloft and reassurance from others and myself, I have learned to heal myself into who I am. Today even though I have off days, I am the person I love most. Days always pass and feelings always leave eventually.

By Paige MN, Age: 17, Gender: Female

Paige MN