My Reality

It’s hard to hear your voice when the only voice inside my head is mine.

It’s telling me I’m not worth it.

It’s telling me you’d be happier gone.

The voice I recognize is full of sadness and pain.

She’s yelling words at you that have gone through your head.

When you realize it’s your voice you hear, you realize that the person who is telling you to kill yourself is you.

The voice you hear in the distance is your mom telling you to stay,

but the only thing you can focus on is the voice inside your head.

It’s louder.

You can hear everything she is saying because she is you.

You are the priority in these situations because you are the one that is fighting the monster that breathes in your head because you know you’ll stop breathing with it.

You are not going to lose this one.

You are not going to give the satisfaction of letting it win.

You were made to make new opportunities and a new light to someone’s eye.

Just try a little harder,

Fight a little tougher,

And laugh a little louder.

So breathe…


(breathe in)



(breathe out).

You’ve got this.

By Cassy Ryles, Age: 17, Gender: Female

Cassy Ryles