Q&A #1: Depression and Anxiety

What mental health challenge would you like to talk about?: 

depression and anxiety

What are 3 words you would use to describe your experience with depression and anxiety.

fear, emptiness, carelessness

What do you wish the people close to you knew about what you are/were going through? Or what could they say/do to better support you?:

I wish they knew. I wasn’t allowed to talk to the only person who knew about my situation at home, and nobody else knew. I couldn’t tell anyone. I wish i had someone to talk to, maybe it would’ve helped me feel less alone. Instead, i cried on the bus home, or went on walks so i could cry in a park. All i had was me and my journal. If i had talked to someone in the early stages of my depression, maybe i would’ve gotten professional help, and it wouldn't have lasted so long. I still haven’t gone to talk to someone. My friends thought i just didn't want to hang out with them when i would flake so often, i probably used the same excuse every time. It would’ve been nice for them to know that I had no motivation to do anything other than lay in my bed. I felt like i was letting all the people around me down, but really, it was just my depression.

Anything else you would like to add?: 

Thanks for this website, it really helps. It gives me hope. If i find the courage to publish my story, i’ll do it here.

By Anonymous. Age: 17 Gender: Female