Ed's Daily Wisdom: How to not give a f*ck (in a good way)

  1. Take care of yourself. Focus on your wellbeing and not the people surrounding you. “Affix your oxygen mask before helping others”

  2. Allow yourself to say “NO”. If you don’t want to say yes, if you don’t like what they’ve said, say “NO”. If you don’t have the time, say “NO”, and if you can’t afford the mental expenditure, say “NO”.

  3. Release yourself from guilt, anger, fear, and anxiety. Go with the flow of life. You cannot feel joy without pain so don’t dwell.

  4. Reduce mental clutter by freeing up space in your life for time with your mind. Also free up space to do the stuff you like!!

  5. You shape your reality, not your friends or family. YOU. So do your best to not give a f*ck about other’s opinions and perceptions.

I tried to explain how to not give a f*ck, but I don’t even know how to do it.

By Edgar. Age: 16 Gender: Male